Fertilisers to be applied

Market of mineral fertilisers in Poland

The production and use of fertilisers are currently determined by agrochemical, economic, and ecological aspects. According to estimates, farmers allocate up to 20% of their agricultural production resources to fertilisers and their application. Fertilisation is the key yield-forming factor and the share of fertilisers in yield growth, depending on the dose level, is 50-70%.

The fertiliser industry, due to the concentration of production in large units, is considered environmentally burdensome. About 30-40% of the waste produced by the chemical industry comes from the fertiliser industry. Fertilisers produce significant amounts of NH3 emitted into the atmosphere and N2O, entering the stratospheric ozone layer. In the overall balance of energy used by agriculture, fertiliser production accounts for 40-60%. The production of nitrogen fertilisers is the most energy-intensive.